We Still Are What We Eat

Diets that are healthiest can be difficult to sustain, but they are a phenomenal starting place. It’s best to go “all in” on a very healthy way of eating, and then titrate out to your chosen level of health and satiety, than move slowly towards your best diet. Why? When you make the decision to be healthy, you have energy and focus toward a goal, and the best possible thing that can happen is making it an active choice and getting rewarded with success.

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People are Built to Move

Part of feeling healthy is focusing on our bodies capacity to be all it can be.  What we eat is critical, and what we do is vital.  The focus here is on sustainable exercise and activity.  Our objective is to get our blood flowing and muscles working.  While we'll discuss easy exercise to strenuous, the focus is always on what we can do in a sustainable way.  I'm not a great athlete, but I'm a believer that being better than you were yesterday counts.  The evidence says a little goes a long way when it comes to increasing your activity, and I'll review some of that information and review ways of regaining capacity you may have lost...or never had.

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Stress Reduction and Mindfulness

Stress reduction is about mindfulness, perspective and kindness. Mindfulness for us is bringing presence of mind into immediate awareness in the context of whatever is going on around us. It is the process of being focused on the present moment and our being in that moment. The present moment is all that exists and all that has ever and will ever exist. The past is gone and the future not yet here.   Bringing our awareness to that reality in the moment is our goal in our mindfulness efforts. The psychology side of stress reduction focuses on the techniques of helping us improve our capacity to be comfortably mindful AND helps us makes better decisions in our world through understanding how our minds work.

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To reach our goals, we start by making the choice to do so. To reach them successfully, health and the energy that comes with it is vital. Everything else flows from our efforts to care for ourselves and to care for those around us. Of primary importance is choosing to be as healthy as possible. While we all have limitations, some more than others, we all have unused capacity and potential. Choosing health isn’t a passive decision, but the most active one we can make for ourselves. It’s an every single day decision for the rest the rest of our lives. Health in the media at large is often a fad. It’s a new diet, a new type of exercise class, a new supplement, and a new medical treatment… But if your health is not going to be a fad, it’s important to choose to be healthy in a lasting and sustainable way. It means handling our abilities and desires along with our chronic conditions and limitations in the best ways we can.

This effort, DrWiseWellness.com, is dedicated to helping people reach their potential by providing what I believe is great information that others may not find or be aware of.  So much information in the media at large is unhelpful at best and maliciously inaccurate at worst.  All of what I provide is my best effort at good information.  If I recommend something, I've tried it extensively and reviewed and studied it extensively.  I hope you find it interesting and helpful.


Dr.Wise is a clinical psychologist with extensive background across many fields.  His focus is on providing important information that can help achieve better health that may not be readily available in the general media.


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